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Ernst's Velotouren

Bicycle Tour 2008 - 2013
Second stage South East Asia - Australia
Part 3: Western-Australia
Overview, for details see Google Earth or Garmin-File.
Picture: After three hours flight from Singapore, under the left wing appeared the West Coast of the Red Continent. I am very excited about the new landscapes.
Picture: At the heart of Perth. Australia is very different than Asia. After three years in Asia, I was once again in a Western, modern country. It is remarkable that water can be drinked directly from the tap and at the Public Offices everything works correctly and smoothly. But everythin is very expensive, even more than in Europe ...
Picture: As soon as I drove out of the suburbs of Perth, I already rached the Australian bush. T he distances between the villages are still about 50 km. But after two or three days driving, I will have to ride a day or two to get s to a gas station or a small grocery.
Picture: It is unbelievable what is all transported on Australia's roads. Several times a day I meet such a special transports. Trucks of over 50 meters length (3 trailers), so-called "road trains" are the norm.
Picture: Already on the fourth day from Perth I have to ride more than one day to reach a gas station or a small village where I can get water and food. From now on, careful planning is needed. Running out of water or food means inevitably to fail.
Picture: Camp in the moonlight just before Kalgoorlie in the Australian bush.
Picture: The Goldfields Highway on a rainy and overcast day.
After 600 km on the Great Eastern Highway I turned in Kalgoorlie on the Goldfields Highway and drove in the direction of Alice Springs. I was stopped on the road by the police and they informed me that the Great Central Road, a 1,200 km long and unpaved runway from Leonara to Uluru (Ayers Rock), is closed due to several floods. What now? Hoping for better weather I continued to Laverton, where the paved road ends.
Picture: My first kangaroo.
Picture: Beautiful landscapes on the Goldfields Highway.
Picture: Road Train
Picture: The Library and Information Centre in Leonora. Many towns in Australia have look a little like "Wild West". Villages with a few hundred people here already called "city ".
Picture: This year allover Australia it came to unusual weather phenomena. Heavy rains have caused flooding in many places. Here at the gateway to the deserts of the Red Continent, in this time of the year there should be only dry bushes, red soil and dust. But now everywhere it is green ...
Picture: Taking a b reak in the Outback. Without mosquito net over the face, it is unbearable to stay outdoors.
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