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Ernst's Velotouren

Bicycle Tour 2008 - 2013
Second stage South East Asia - Australia
Part 6: Tasmania, May 2011
Overview, for details see Google Earth or Garmin-File.
Picture: The "Spirit of Tasmania" in the port of Devonport. The huge ship was rocking during the nocturnal journey.several time I almost ave fallen out of the bed of the cabin. The sea in the Bass traitbetween the Australian mainland and Tasmania was shaken by a violent storm, and the Käptain reported five meter high waves and 55 knots (100 km/h) wind speed.
Picture: After more than a week of rain weather,finally the sun came back . However, it is still quite cold in the mountains and frosty at night.
Picture: At night it freezes already on the pass roads of Tasmania.
Picture: Intimate insight into the sleeping habits of a lonely long-distance cyclist.
Picture: It is already late fall, and I drive, equipped with a beanie and gloves, along the east coast to Hobart. In just three weeks from now is the beginning of the winter season in the southern hemispehre.
Picture: After five days of Devonport I have reached the city of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia and was founded in 1804 as a penal colony with about 300 prisoners, some 30 soldiers and a few volunteer settlers.
Picture: Tasmanian "homesteads" winery.
Picture: On the road from Hobart to the west coast, the road goes up to the Tasmanian highlands, with their unique eucalyptus forests. I n the woods parrots, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, etc can be seen. Australia and Tasmania in particular have a worldwide unique flora and fauna.
Picture: The Nelson-waterfall near Queenstown in the Franklin Gordon National Park.
Picture: TheQueenstown.
Picture: In the pouring rain through the central highlands. The weather in Tasmania is very changeable.
Picture: The Plimsoll lake in the highlands between Queenstown and Tullah.
Picture: At the northern coast of Tasmania. From Tullah drove to Burnie at the northern coast and further to Devonport, where I took the ferry "Spirit of Tasmania" to get back to Melbourne.
Picture: Back in Melboune. In a few days I will travel by plane to Alaska and continue the tour on the "Panamericana".
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