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Ernst's Velotouren

Bicycle Tour 2008 - 2013
Second stage South East Asia - Australia
Part 1: Thailand, January & February 2011
Overview, for details see Google Earth or Garmin-File.
After a stay of two years in Chiang Mai the farewell was not easy. Returning to the ife of a ntercontinental cyclist I live once more constant arrivals and departures, sy hello and say goodbye at the same time.
Picture: Farewell from beloved friends.
Picture: Sunrise in the mountains of northern Thailand.
Picture: Paddy fields in the early morning close to Phitsanulok.
Picture: The centre of the city Ratchaburi on the bank of the Mae Klong river in der region of Bangkok.
Picture: In Cha-am, I reached the coast in the gulf of Thailad. For the next few days I drive along pristine palm-fringed beaches to the south, to the city of Surat Thani. Since days I have good tai wind. The ride through the tropical landscape and the picturesque villages feels like pure paradise.
Picture: Beutiful beach north of the city Chumphon.
Picture: Fishing boats close to Surath Thani. The simple restaurants along my way serve wonderful fried rice with fresh fish, squid, shrimp and other delicacies from the sea. Lots of beach resorts with bungalows right at the beach invite to relax.Quiet side streets often lead directly along the palm-fringed beach. Could be a bike ride yet more idyllic?
Koh Panghan and Koh Samui
Picture: The bay of Chaloklam on Koh Panghan at night.
Picture: A jewel in the golf of Thiland: Koh Nang Yuan
Picture: Fishing boats on Koh Panghan.
Picture: After a few days of rest on the islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, I drove along the east coast of southern Thailand towasa the city Hat Yai and the Malay border.
Picture: In the country side in the far south of Thailand many men have a strong and beautiful bull and they go with him in the morning and evening for a walk, just like wih a dog. Bull shows, where the most beautiful and powerful animals are elected, are very popular.
Picture: On my way to the south along the east coast of southern Thailand, I can sleep almost every day for just a few euros rght at the beach in a resort with simple bungalows and an excellent restaurant.
Picture: Shortly before the Malaysian border in the province of Songkla.