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Ernst's Velotouren

Bicycle Tour 2008 - 2013
Stay in Thailand
Part 1: Preparatory tours in Nordthailand
, August 2010
Picture: Mahut in Mae Hong Son
Picture: In the monastery Wat Doi Kham
Picture: Buddhist novices in Chiang Mai
Preparatory tour Chiang Mai - Li - Lampang - Chiang Mai
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Chiang Mai
Picture: Main road in Chiang Mai early morning
Arbeit auf Reisfeld
Pictures: Rice farmers working in the fields (between Li and Lampang). The new rice is everywhere in Thailand planted during the rainseason. Ricefarming is very labourintensive. The seeds are sowed in a special planting field, the young plant is later replanted manually into the real ricefield (in the picture). During the growth process the field has to be irrigated carefully as too much or too less water could easily damage the sensitive plant. After roughly four to six months the field will be drained and harvested manually.
Thailand is one of the worldwide
biggest rice producers. Cooked rice is known in South East Asia since roughly 6 to 7 thousand years.
Picture: Rainy landscape not far from Li. North Thailands landscapes are specially beautiful during the rain season, Mai to October.
Wat Lampang Luang
Bild: In the tempel Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang, which is considered as one of the most remarkable in whole Thailand. He is located about 18km in the southwest of Lampang. Donor of the whole monstery (built in the 7th century) is the until nowadays admired Mon-queen Chamadevi of the Haripunchai kingdom.
According to a legend, Chamadevi had a very acrid body odour due to an inexusable sin, done in her youth in a temple. As she took a bath in a river on one of her journeys, it is said that river stunk afterwards so much, that even the vultures came flown to this place as they thought to find a putrefying body of an elephant ... at least that is what the legend says.
Picture: Heavy raincloud over the region of Lampang. Nearly every afternoon of the rainseason heavy rainfalls pour over the landscape which often cause floodings in the villages.
Picture: Through the rampant growing vegetation of the nationalpark Doi Khun Tan back to Chiang Mai.
Picture: Without words ...
Picture: Respectful road construcction in the nationalpark Doi Khun Tan, located between Lampang and Chiang Mai.