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Ernst's Velotouren

Bicycle tour 2008 - 2013
First stage Switzerland - Thailand
Part 1: Along the Danube river to Budapest, Mai 2008
After months of planning and preparations I started with great pleasure my bicycle tour to Far East on the 5th of May 2008. Roughly 17'000 kilometers of vast deserts and high mountains were waiting for me. I was riding from my home village Altreu along the river Aare to Koblenz at the German border.
Picture: The city of Aarburg.
On the second day I crossed the river Rhine and continued through the beautiful landscapes of the Black Forest in Southern Germany to the village Donaueschingen.
Picture: Cycle track through the Black Forest.
Picture: Dawn in the center of Donaueschingen.
In Donaueschingen is the source of the river Danube and the beginning of one of the most beautiful cycle tracks in Europe. The Danube cycle track leads on vehicle-free roads from the Black Forest in Germany trough Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania to the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.
Picture: Blooming flowers in one of the many national parks along the river.
Highlights on the way along the upper Danube were the national park "Obere Donau", the christian monastery Weltenburg, the old towns of Donauwörth and Straubing and several catholic monasteries.
Picture: Catholic church in Donauwörth.
Picture: Old city center of Straubing.
Picture: Catholic monastry "Melk"in Austria which was inhabited for the first time on the 21st March, 1089 by the Abbot Sigibold and his monks.
Picture: Bridge over the Danube in the dawn.
The Danube - in Donaueschingen just a bigger brook - has grown until Vienna, the capital of Austria, into a large river. From Vienna the cycle track continued trough one of the many national parks to the city of Hainburg, Bratislava (capital of Slovakia), Komarno, across the Danube to the hungarian side to Esztergom with its impressive basilica. I left the Danube river shortly after Esztergom and rode through Hungary further east towards the Ukraine.
Picture: Danube river in front of the skyline of the UN-City in Vienna
Picture: Basilica of Esztergom in Hungary
Picture: Departure from the Danube river on the ferry between Tahitofalu and Vac (roughly 30km north of Budapest)
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